Windows Driver Troubleshooting

Follow these steps if you’re having trouble getting your PC to communicate with your Pine via ADB mode (used to load Google Play, Root, etc..) Hat tip to Fet Guy for creating this!

  1. What cannot be stressed enough, you need to switch Pine into “Connect to PC mode. This is done from Settings>USB Connect>Connect to PC. This is number 1 problem users seem to be facing.
  2. When you plug Pine in this mode, Windows will be presented with 8 (!) devices. As long as your computer has “Always install the best driver software from windows update” enabled (which could be problem  #2), it will proceed to check Microsoft database and install drivers automatically. The only driver you need for rooting and GAPPS installer is for the ADB interface. Your computer, however, will try to install all of them in random order, so please allow some time while this is happening. Unplugging Pine too soon could be problem #3.
  3. Before trying to root or install GAPPS, take a moment to check if the ADB Interface is installed.
    • In Windows 7, click Start button and type: device manager. Click on first result on the top.
    • In Windows 8, open Start menu and type: device manager. Click on the result in the right pane.

4.    If the driver is pulled successfully from Microsoft, you would usually see “YunOS Phone” category with “YunOS ACB Interface” at the bottom of the list of your devices. If this is the case, you’re all set.

5.    In some cases, especially if your computer was used with other Android phones in the past, you may see some other “ADB Interface” showing up towards the top of your list. Unless it’s “Android Composite ADB Interface”, you will not be able to connect successfully (problem # 4).

    • The best way to handle this is to remove this driver. Right-click on that ADB Interface and choose “Uninstall”.
    • On the next screen, check “delete the driver for this device” as well. Unplug and re-plug Pine, while looking at Device Manager.
    • Did the same (wrong) ADB Interface come back? If it did, it means that your computer will continue using the wrong driver from Windows Update, and you will need to stop this process first.
      • In Windows 7, click Start button and type: device installation. Click on “Change device installation settings”
      • In Windows 8, open Start menu and type: device installation. Click on “Settings” section of results in the right pane, then “Change device installation settings”.
    • In “Device Installation Settings” window, select “No, let me choose what to do”, then “Never install driver software from Windows Update”, then save changes. Don’t worry, you can reverse it later.

6.   Go back to Device Manager, uninstall the problem ADB Interface, unplug/re-plug Pine. You should see… no more ADB. The Device Manager should be showing 4 or 5 other unknown “Android” devices missing drivers. It’s time to install them manually, one by one.

    • Download and unzip these drivers:
    • In Device Manger, right-click on every unrecognized “Android” device, choose “Update driver software”, then “Browse my computer for driver“ and point it to the location where you unzipped the drivers. Repeat for every Android device on the list until “Android Composite ADB Interface” finally gets recognized, which means you’re done.


9 thoughts on “Windows Driver Troubleshooting

  1. Thanks very very much when I downloaded the driver from Neptune support webpage I thought I was a gonner(don’t know how to spell that)

    I have just purchased the pine and am not a developer or very experienced so was very relieved when most of the 8 things were found in Microsoft update automatically after following the simple instructions you posted here.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year


  2. I have managed to get all the android things in device manager to accept the unzipped files which you gave in item 6 of how to sort windows 7 drivers out. Now my only problem is I cannot get windows on my pc to “see” Neptune pine as a hard drive when it is attached by the usb lead so I cannot drop the files for the play store into the download folder on the pine.

    Can anyone help please?


  3. umair says:

    None of the guides for driv9ers works and its time people start admitting that. I have tried the two guides here and it seems to be far from working. While using the SDCard Swap method, I keep getting device not recognized. There are no YUN-Fucking OS drivers and the drivers posted here don’t work for jack. Moreover, the USB debugging option is nowhere to be found in PINE so I wonder what in the fucking world is going on here

    • neptune ninja says:

      First off, USB Debugging is on by default in PC Connect mode.

      These windows drivers and this troubleshooting guide have worked for many, many people. So maybe it’s time you start admitting maybe the problem is fucking you or your PC.

      So maybe you’re doing something fucking wrong or not following instructions. I’ve rooted, SD Swap, loaded TWRP, etc, all via PC Connect mode.

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