Temporarily change the DPI to access blocked areas in Apps

Sometimes some apps don’t scale right on the Pine, making required buttons or other things inaccessible. There is a workaround for this that’s quite easy. You can change the DPI of the screen. Examples of this are Endomondo, Amazon FireTV remote,  etc.

Example: Endomondo login screens are cut off, making it impossible to login using email, and turning to Portrait does not work.



  1. Download Resolution Change / Density. Requires ROOT.
  2. Click the Gear and enable Advanced expert mode.
  3. Set Density to 90. It will reboot.
    1. Screenshot_2014-12-15-03-08-36
    2. You can try even lower, like 60 DPI, which is the case for Amazon FireTV app.
  4. Open Endomondo, login.
    1. Screenshot_2014-12-15-03-10-03
  5. Set Density back to stock 120.


11 thoughts on “Temporarily change the DPI to access blocked areas in Apps

  1. Jeff Schallenberg says:

    Worked for me when I installed “HERE Beta” for offline maps. The dialogue box for memory location (sdcard1) did not display its OK button, and the app would not switch to portrait mode.

    But with this DPI Change app, setting to 90 temporarily allowed me to accept the memory location change.

    Thanks, Seth.

  2. Greg says:

    I’ll go one step further than thank you! This is what the Pine should have been! It’s really too bad that it didn’t have 640×480 to begin with. But changing the setting to 90 shows perfectly what should be showing. I’m seriously considering leaving the density at 90.

    • neptune ninja says:

      Not much harm in it. I think they chose a higher DPI probably for people with less than spectacular eyesight? Stock keyboard is harder to use at 90, but there’s other keyboards that remedy that.

  3. Greg says:

    I tried 105 which is also a marked improvement. However a couple apps, my Linphone dialer in particular, don’t show well. The dial pad is all squished up, more than it is in 90, where as everthing else in Linphone is bigger! In 120, Linphone shows nearly perfectly. If it weren’t for that I believe I would leave it in 105. Skype works better too in 105. Alas, I use Linphone as my primary phone so I had to return to 120, for now.

  4. Dennis Brandt says:

    Hey Ninja man,

    Can you explain what an app does to scale?
    I really want to use runkeeper app, but i can’t push the start button. Is it weird to ask runkeeper to modify app, or is that a lot of work?

    kind regards,


  5. Kumar says:

    Am using watch maker app there is a geen bar below when selecting watch face .. Can I use 130 dpi or higher so that it will disappear and only watch face remains .. This will leave to use this app for different watch face.. And is there any app to hide status bar when in app that will remove top status bar.. Both above tweak will leave only watch face .. Thanks in advance..

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