SWApp Link will make your Neptune Pine and your Phone communicate.
It can use 3 different ways of communication:
* Bluetooth
* Push Notification between devices
The user will be able to choose what to use. If more then one is enabled, the app will try to use any of them in this priority order: BT, Push then SMS.
What it does:
•Remotely or Locally enable Call Forwarding between devices, Call Notification (get notified when other device receive a call), SMS Forwarding.
(For example if you forget your phone home, you can remotely set your phone to forward all incoming call on the smartwatch)
•When getting a Call Notification, allow to reject call, take call or make the linked device reply with an SMS
•When getting a SMS Notification, allow to make the linked device reply with an SMS
•Make the linked device place a phone call
•Compose an SMS to be sent by linked device (with a button to use Google Speech to Text)
•Make Linked device play a ringtone to be able to find it or flash light in silent mode
•Interphone: Establish a phone call between devices and put remote on loud speaker. Will allow to communicate with people near the phone
•Microphone : Establish a call to hear sounds around remote device
(For both it’s the linked device that initiate the call: the linked device doesn’t ring)
•Get linked device status (Battery level, Memory…)

12 thoughts on “SWAPP LINK

  1. Rz says:

    Can I answer the calls from my Pine when it’s linked as a slave device?

    I get the notification, but when I answer I can only speak from my phone (master device)


  2. Alex says:

    I didn’t know where to ask this but this seemed the right place. First of all thank you for all the tutorials. I followed them step by step and worked prefectly. Nice work!
    My question is, do you know about any app that would show you from the standby mode the hour when you rotate the wrist? Obviously I mean it without touching the button just by rotation. Since there is an accelerometer build in it sould work.

  3. Alex says:

    Happy new year!

    Thanks i will check it and see how long the battery holds. Btw does the swapp link communicate with iphone?

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