FetGuy SDCARD mod / swap – now with Video

Pine user FetGuy has created a solution so you can use all of your 16, 32, or 64GB storage to install apps on, and use as the default app location for Pictures, Music, and other storage.

Basically swaps the default storage from “Internal SD(600mb)” to “External SD” (no, the settings on the Pine do not address this). Currently by default Android is not utilizing this storage well! This solution only works on Windows PC’s.

Low-res video, in case you’re a visual learner:

1. Copy all files from Internal SD (600MB) to SD Storage card. You can do this through computer with Pine plugged in USB Mass Storage Mode. Some apps store settings and files on SD, this will ensure that they will continue working after swap. Disconnect Pine from computer.

2. Download and unzip this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pry87z4d3f6vrqy/SDSwapMod.zip?dl=0

3. Reconnect your Pine to your PC and set it to Connect to PC mode.

4. In the file you unzipped, double-click on SDSwap.bat

5. If everything was connected and run sucessfully, your Pine should reboot and your storage should be merged!

27 thoughts on “FetGuy SDCARD mod / swap – now with Video

  1. Gerhard Kuehl says:

    As I remenber , there was an additional step to move all apps to the phone memory. Is this necessary or not ?

  2. Fredrik Wengelin says:

    Thank you very much for a very good and useful solution, worked first time. Would this also work on a 4.4.2 smartphone?

    • neptune ninja says:

      This is specific to the pines partition layout. I think 4.4.2 already combines storage? If not, Link2SD app in the play store is often used.

  3. marsx says:

    I just received my Pine, and followed the above steps. It appears to work (it reports 17xx bytes pushed in 4ms). The Pine reboots as expected, but afterwards I still have a 599mb partition and a 14.82gb partition.
    I tried on two different computers, no difference. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    ** After triple checking, I think it *DID* work! I now see the ‘INTERNAL SD’ partition is 14.82gb and ‘SD CARD STORAGE’ is now 599mb.

    I haven’t examined the fstab file pushed, but I now see I initially misunderstood the goal. I erroneously believed the batch file would MERGE the two partitions into 1 big 16GB partition, but in actuality it SWAPS the big partition as the internal storage (much more useful) and the small one as ‘external’, extra storage, hence the folders and files all named ‘SDSwap’.

    Perhaps the post could be made slightly more clear by not using the term ‘merge’? Thanks neptuneninja and FetGuy for the all the info and tweaks to make this slightly disappointing device more useful!

  4. AlexSQ says:

    Hi, Tried everything mentioned on here and still cant get my pc to see the pine in PC mode. It recongnises it in connect in “media” mode though.

  5. snakeeyes says:


    Just to ask can we delete the content of the original 600mb storage after the swap? So that I can fully utilize the 600mb space?


  6. umair says:

    Does not work no matter what I do. I can’t even install or update the YunOS drivers and the drivers for windows don’t work. Can someone guide me please?

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