Root and Install Playstore without computer Connection

This is a method of installing Playstore and Rooting your Pine without PC Connectivity. 

These instructions assume you know how to install APK’s directly on your Pine- if you don’t, here’s Neptunes guide for installing APK’s: How To Install Apps.

As always with rooting, etc- proceed at your own risk.

  1. Download Play Store to your Pine here: PLAY STORE
    1. Install the APK.
      1. It will say Install Blocked, and move you to go to settings. Once there, scroll down and CHECK “Unknown Sources”.
      2. Click DONE after install. Do not open.
  2. Download Framaroot to your Pine here: FRAMAROOT 1.9.3
    1. Install the APK. Select Package Installer.
    2. When Install completes, select OPEN.
    3. Turn your Pine to PORTRAIT position (long-ways, the buttons facing down/towards you)
    4. DO NOT SELECT ARAGORN. SCROLL UP where it says Aragorn to Select GANDALF as the method.
    5. Framaroot should say “Success...” and prompt to OK.
    6. Reboot after running Framaroot. It should have automatically installed SuperSU.
  3. Once Rebooted, go to your App drawer, and find SuperSu in your Apps drawer. If SuperSU did not get installed, go here and install: SuperSU on Aptoide Market
    1. This will first install APTOIDE, it will then prompt to install SuperSU.
  4. Download System App Mover here: SYSTEM APP MOVER
    1. Install the APK. Open when prompted.
    2. Run System App Mover. When the SuperUser popup comes up, select GRANT.
    3. Scroll down to Google Play Store, click on it, and move it to System.
    5. App mover will reboot for you.

5.   Restart your Pine, then Open Play Store.


65 thoughts on “Root and Install Playstore without computer Connection

  1. LK says:

    Hi: I tried the method above but it’s not working:

    1. I get no feedback after installing and running the framaroot app. I’m just presented
    with the 3 options. I do choose the first one but there is no feedback.

    2. the apkcraft app reports that the devices is not rooted (due to previous step)

    3. if I run the play app, it crashes.

    Any tips to make it work will be appreciated.


  2. Kalle says:

    I’ve tried this and it worked great except from that my google contacts wont sync. Am I doing anything wrong? Any ideas?


  3. Raf says:

    Followed the steps, tried both Aragorn (which failed) and Gandalf (which succeeded), but I cannot get the app mover to detect root…

  4. Raf says:

    And I just figured it out. For anyone that has any issues out there, go get the SuperSU apk from here:

    Install it after all the steps above. Now start the app mover, but you won’t be able to grant it super access, the popup is too big! So wait for it to time out, kill the app mover and start the SuperSU app directly. In there, the app mover will be in the list, just change the option in there from Prompt to Grant. Then start the app mover and voila, done!

  5. Samantha says:

    I downloaded everything and when I tried to do the app mover it states no root access granted. What does that mean? When I downloaded framebox it had an update that included supersu so I didn’t have to download that separately. Any ideas?

  6. Jens says:

    Everything worked fine on my Pine with Root and Play store. But: in account settings I don’t see any option to sync my Google contacts and calendar. Suggestions?

    • neptune ninja says:

      You have to move the google contacts sync adapter APK to the system/apps folder using Root Explorer manually.

    • Jens says:

      Unfortunately after a while I encountered numerous issues. Play store crashed, Pine froze, reboot, etc.

      Now I found out: It seems to be absolutely essential first to root with framaroot as described above. Then install App Mover. Then install Play Store. Then convert to system app. Then reboot. Then open Play Store.

      If I first installed Play Store – before the root it totally messed up my Pine. Had to reflash it numerous times and was about to believe that it had a hardware issue.

        • Jens says:

          No no, I went by the book. Nevertheless it messed up my Pine. But now it runs quite alright. There are crashes though, but seldom.

  7. Gary says:

    I apparently did not install play store until after I ran system app mover therefore it did not show up on the list under system app mover. Is there anything I can do to correct the situation such as download and run system app mover

    • neptune ninja says:

      Gary, this is Seth. You realize this is my site, right? 😉 I’m looking into this, but if you followed all the instructions I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. Many people have done this method.

      • James P says:

        Can some one tell me in what way rooting will help. I side loaded the Play Store. Merged the SD cards. All is fine. Thanks for clarifying.

  8. Awesome, this worked for me, even though I made a few mistakes along the way(Clicked on Arogon first since i could not figure out how to get it to scroll). and I opened the play store when i installed it, but i just forced closed it after.

  9. Evans says:

    I am trying to download the playstore from the link above and it says that the link is no longer valid. Any new update on it.


  10. José says:

    Well, I did a factory reset and repeated the process step by step.. and now It works!!

    At the second try Supersu was not automatically installed. So I did It manually…

  11. Mike Rivera says:

    I did all the sets by the book the saying goes. Thank you by the way. I clicked on the app draw went into app mover. Playstore worked once then just starts crashing for some odd reason. Any help is greatly appreciated Ninja. Thanks.

      • Mike Rivera says:

        Ninja, Removed everything and did again i missed a step some how. This time around went back through all the steps directions down to the letter. Playstore works like a CHAMP!! Thank you.

  12. Tay says:

    I did all the instructions in.order but when.I try to download from Google play store any app I can’t download I have t restart every time to make the app download what do I do

  13. iTallo says:


    I Followed the instruction, but when I Download SYSTEM APP MOVER and try to Scroll down and search for Google Play Store, I cannot find it. All I find is Google Play Music and Google Play Services. Any ideas please?


  14. Kathleen says:

    Thanks very much for these notes. It seems my pine will only have a happy google play store if it is put in with the system files.
    I have Kaspersky internet security on my pine and it doesn’t seem to like super su and framaroot. Do you think it is a good idea to just delete them after one has a good connection to apps via google and amazon as well? (if you are a bit of a novice like me?)

  15. Kathleen says:

    Kaspersky comment is about Framaroot only I think
    the comment is:

    (in red) Threat detected:

    • neptune ninja says:

      Yes its because Framaroot uses a hole in Android to gain root. Its harmless, but you can delete it if you’re rooted now. Again, I already answered you on Facebook.

  16. Phyllis says:

    I tried doing this several times. I installed everything and restarted 3 times. Keeps saying no root access granted. HELP! I was actually able to open the Play Store once…but then it just wigged out. I get the screen to accept conditions for a milla second, then it says unfortunately Google play store has stopped…now what? HELP PLEASE!

  17. Phyllis says:

    I just restored factory settings and started all over. Some thing…sorta. Got to open the Play Store once again. The problem starts when I try to install an app. It just continues to say, unfortunately, Google play store has stopped. HELP PLEASE!

  18. Phyllis says:

    When I click on SUPERS from the app drawer, it says, “There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”

  19. Phyllis says:

    I’m ready to throw this thing out! What wasn’t Play Store already installed. I already have the Gear S which will do the same thing unless I can load the apps I wanted. And it’s much easier to use. I’m at my wit’s end with trying to get this to work. Neptune needs a HELP line!

  20. Phyllis says:

    Pretty much thought this wasn’t run by them…otherwise, their logo would have been on it. They’re probably thankful for this site! But they still need a help desk to call!

    • neptune ninja says:

      You’ve posted this question in two different methods. Which way did you put Play store on your Pine?

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