Rooting – Installing Playstore

Rooting and installing PlayStore on Neptune Pine


Warning: Follow these steps at your own risk. Website and owner assumes no responsibility for any issues Rooting or otherwise may cause.

Props to Cyril, Brian, Kyle and others who have helped in understanding the best way to root and install Play Store.

This Guide will show you how to Root, then Install Playstore on your Pine. This page will be updated often as more methods are found. Screenshots to be added later.

Requirements: PC running Windows and general understanding of how to access files, etc on Android.

  1. On your PC go to and download to your PC.
  2. Connect your Pine in the “Connect to PC” usb mode. Wait 2-5 minutes for the drivers to install. You really only need the YunOS ACB driver to load.
  3. Run the kingoapp  on your PC to grant root access. The Pine will reboot.

  4. Follow this to load Google Play/Services


14 thoughts on “Rooting – Installing Playstore

  1. Shawn Fitts says:

    i cant get the program to detect my device, it just says connecting for a while then ” no device connected” even tho its clearly recognized by the computer. i’ve tried to different computers, with the same effect. im not seeing usb debugging in developers options, so im pretty lost right now, is there a way to force enable debugging? or maybe an app for that?

  2. Gerhard Kuehl says:

    As my pine will arrive next week, I started some preparations for rooting. Download the app mover from the above link was not possible ( I can’t find it there ). Then I took the /system/app mover Version 1.5.7 from the site :
    Is this ok ?

    • neptune ninja says:

      Probably. If you just want Play Store, you can follow the sideload instructions on this site instead, it’s easier.

  3. Jeff Schallenberg says:

    In Step 3 of the procedure, Kingo Root recognized my Pine and showed it as being rooted. I disconnected and re-booted the Pine, and proceeded to run the Gapps sideloader batch file. It worked fine. But when I tried installing Root Dim from the Play Store, it didn’t work because my Pine is not really rooted. I will have to try a different rooting method.

    • neptune ninja says:

      Yeah technically you don’t need root to sideload. People have had luck with Kingo by running twice. Framaroot is just as easy though.

  4. Lazar says:

    Every sents i downloaded google play my Neptune pine have not worked right I can go and download apps but my pine keep saying unfortunately Google play service has stopped what do I do

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