Neptune Pine Wristband

This use case has come up quite a bit, big thanks to Pine enthusiast Bianca Cornick:

When you get your Pine be aware that the lever can be get pushed into a to high position. When you push the Pine into the wrist band while it is in this highest position you will have great problems getting the Pine out of the wrist band. In case you want to have a look at what I mean you can see this hands on within this video:

This photo shows the 2 different positions. Top photo lever is in the high position making it very difficult to remove the Pine when you don’t know where to push which is UNDER the lever towards the wrist. This will make that the lever clicks back down into place.

Photo 2 shows the lever in the correct position:


If you push it in too far, you can get it back into correct position by pressing here, as shown in the below picture:


6 thoughts on “Neptune Pine Wristband

  1. I got mine yesterday – this happens constantly. It’s impossible to remove the pine from the strap without taking the strap off and applying significant pressure to release it. I feel like it’s going to break. It really doesn’t want to come out.

    So disappointed with this thing :/

  2. Michael Butash says:

    Ah, I was getting annoyed having gotten my watch band with the release as well, but I see what David is saying now. The rubber underneath is obstructing the downward motion of the release mechanism. Design flaw. ;(

    Sadly it’s not that easy to “pull the strap away” while on my arm, so it takes some loosening of the band to push that back far enough to release.

    Maybe a dremel to the band rubber underneath would fix that? Hmm.

    I’m more disappointed it didn’t have a “normal” watch band fixture in any way. I modded my sony smartwatch2 to use a nice real titanium band from an expensive watch (cheap on ebay!). I rather dislike rubber watch bands to use this as a real watch, and extreme with of the band doesn’t work with my popeye-ish foreams.

    Time to get a 3d scanner and diy. The watchband needs a usb port extension to the power as well, noticing already the battery life is far short for my use. A persistently wired usb up my arm to a battery pack would be nice and not horrible to use option, in theory.

    Next time, think pogo pins for usb/power!

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