How to Insert a SIM CARD.

OG Pine user Bianca Maria Cornick made a great video to illustrate how to properly put a SIM card into your Pine. Enjoy…


21 thoughts on “How to Insert a SIM CARD.

  1. James P says:

    I wondered about it. I think it would have been more helpful to show how the SIM card slot cover is opened first. At least now I know on which side it opens.

  2. Choi B says:

    I spent more than half hour and eventually found I may use a toothstick to open the cover.

    This video is great. And in fact I am looking forward to another video about how to remove the SIM card from the Pine…

      • AMR says:

        No, I’m also having trouble getting cards to come out. It seems the spring mechanism doesn’t work properly on my pine, so I use tweezers to get them out.

  3. Marcel S. says:

    How Do you replace the sim? I have a nano sim and got an nano to micro sim adapter.
    I just struggle to take it out and i dont want to brake the sim slot.

    I tried to gently push the sim card down and expected the sim to pop out slightly afterwards (like you would do in other phones)….but i cant push it down at all and i dont want to use a needle and or force…….. Can anyone help?

  4. James P says:

    My pine does not recoganize my SIM card. Is there any thing I can do before contacting support? Thanks for your help.

  5. ercan says:

    > Dear all,
    > I have network problems with my Neptune Pine all the time even though I have an excellent network provider and connection.
    > Please let me know if you encounter the same issue. I have actually two Neptune Pine and with both products I have the same problem.
    > I wear Pine for one month now and it already has network problems.
    Awaiting your feedbacks.
    > Ercan

  6. Andrew thompson says:

    no picture on quick start guide! so I put sim in, it fitted, so in it went. But now it looks like I put it in wrong way, long side in & not narrow side in. So how do I get it out? To put it in the other way?

      • Andrew thompson says:

        There is a metal wire clip behind it that retains it, does that drop out of the way? How far in should it go before it pops out?
        I used the tool from my iPhone to push it in, it has disappeared way inside.
        I doubt it will pop out, because it is in the wrong way.

  7. matt montoya says:

    after waiting for my pine for over a year..i think i have a defective sim card slot…I tried 3 different sim cards and none of them would lock in place.. 🙁 …how far do you have to push in beforenit locks?

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