Google Play Services – Sideload without Root

Install Google Play and Services without requiring rooting or flashing.

This should work, provided your PC/Windows has connected to your Neptune Pine and installed the drivers. Pine not connecting via your PC? Try this first


  1. Download to your PC:
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Connect your Pine in “Connect to PC” USB mode.
    1. Wait at least a few minutes so Windows can locate and install the drivers.
  4. Double-Click on Gapps-Sideloader.bat to run.
  5. Enjoy. Use Reboot option suggested. If you don’t, you will have to reboot manually.
  6. Note: If google Search/Voice is crashing, manually search Play Store for “Google Search”, and update it.



44 thoughts on “Google Play Services – Sideload without Root

  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for this post,
    Is there a way to do this on a mac if so may you please include/introduce the procedures.


    • JR says:

      Yes, here’s the mac version

      *install android sdk tools, then connect pine (set usb debugging, blah blah) then run the following commands via terminal

      adb remount
      adb push .\$locationofthedownloadedfile\app /system/app
      adb shell chmod -R 0644 /system/app/*.*
      adb reboot

      works like a charm so far.

    • neptune ninja says:

      This is how you install play store. If it worked, you’ll have play store installed after your pine restarts…

  2. Gerhard Kuehl says:

    Works fine to me, no problems and very easy. I have had no problems with the drivers on windows ( win 8.1 prof.)
    Thanks .

  3. Alex says:

    Hi! Great!
    i just received the Pine. i thought it was usable out of the box.
    as no Play store, i followed your precedure. Great!

    However, don’t know if linked, but i often get the error message “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped” (of course when trying a search, but i faced when trying to reply to a SMS)…
    any advice ?

    • neptune ninja says:

      Does Play Store open/run properly? Might try updating Google Search, also go into Settings > Language and Input and make sure Google Voice typing is present/checked.

  4. Raffi says:

    This worked fine for me however the instructions here dont mention anything about the “USB Connect” configuration. I got my pine less than two days ago (64 gig w/r model) and just today I was able to get a t mobile sim card for it and set the phone aspect of the pine up. The setup was super easy and I was able to make a call immediately. I had tried to set the pine up with my mac without the knowledge of the pine only working on preferably for windows, so tried to mess with the USB connect options like USB mass storage and Media device (MTP). I did some research to find out that I could install the apk and learn some terminal to get the same result, but that seemed to be a complicated process with the apk installation/terminal and me just not having the super technical abilities to pull stunts like that off. Iuckly we have a windows machine with 8.1 on it so i gave it a shot so i can get Google Play. I downloaded the files on this page then extracted the folder, double clicked on Gapps-Sideloader and it would always get to a point in command line where it would say reboot Y/N and i would do Y and command line would close….not really telling me what ive done wrong or anything like that, I started messing with the USB Connect again once I selected Connect to PC I was able to run Gapps-Sideloader again and it actually ran the scripts and installed everything correctly. Super excited to see where pine goes next.

  5. tangwichjustin says:

    The side load seems to have worked but Google search/voice crash on load every time. I’ve also tried even rooting then loading playstore and no go. Anybody else have this issue? Is there a fix? Note this was done on a brand new Pine. Its a shame to not have Google voice to do voice texts or voice dial. I get the message “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.” Thanks for any help!

  6. tangwichjustin says:

    I can confirm with the latest update Google voice/search works properly, so if you get “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.” update and you should be good. Oddly enough I wasn’t presented the option to update so I had to manually search for google search in the play store and force update which seemed to do the trick.

  7. Winston says:

    So does directly downloading a gapps apk count as sideloading? I get the same issue where it will randomly crash even if I’m not using it. Tried the sideload but I’ve waited quite some time and the program wont recognize my device. Also cant get kingo to work since there’s nodirect debugging setting

    • neptune ninja says:

      No, it doesn’t. There’s a non-PC method here on the site if you can’t get the sideload method to work.

  8. Mike says:

    Any fix for “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.”? Google Play also stops every time. Tried this method as well as rooting.

    • neptune ninja says:

      Update Google Search. Search for it in Google Play, there’s an update. Step 6 on this guide mentions that, by the way.

  9. Alain says:

    Do you have procedures to install google play if I am using linux mint or lubuntu or elementary os could you share them

    • neptune ninja says:

      It would be similar to the Mac directions in these comments. But, there is also a no-PC required instruction here on the site too.

  10. Dennis Brandt says:

    I love you!!! i love your site!! i was dissapointed when i turned on my pine, because of the lack of programs, tried another app store, that was shitty, then i whent to kickstarter site, saw in comments this site,

    I love you!!!


  11. Tay says:

    Is there an app where I can get notifications phone to my neptune pine and respond to them from my pine

  12. iTallo says:


    After successfully following the above, I started having issues with Google Store, where it quickly and unexpectedly quits after launch.

    any help is much appreciated

  13. carlos rio says:

    bom dia,
    nao sei como tirar partido do meu pine.
    como aceder ao android ?
    como instalar o skype e outras aplicações ?
    este pine é mesmo IP67?

  14. João Queiroz says:

    carlos rio, este tutorial permite-te instalar a play store no teu pine, o que te permite instalar todas as aplicações que tu quiseres inclusive o skype. Em relação a protecção IP67, o pine é apenas resistente a salpicos de água e não a imersão em água, em relação a proteção contra pó os utilizadores tem tido experiências mistas, havendo casos em que pó se tenha acumulado por baixo do ecrã.
    Para poderes tirar mais duvidas junta-te a nossa comunidade no facebook: Neptune Pine Chat.

  15. Al Power says:

    To JR. What does “blah blah” mean? Smartass!! You’re dealing with people who are asking for help and “blah blah” doesn’t click with me. I know very little about computers, but I do know this: each input has to be specific and correct. I have questions on some problems i’m having and i’d appreciate it if you kept your nose out.

    • neptune ninja says:

      By “blah blah” i think he means “etc etc”. By which he just means set USB Connection setting to “Connect to PC”, that is debug mode on the Pine. I don’t think he was sticking his nose anywhere…

      What “questions on problems” are you having?

  16. Al Power says:

    I cannot get +APK to download. I keep getting “YOU DON’T HAVE ANY DEVICES”. This what i get when I try to download Apk manager. Is this correct or should I be trying to download something else? Help please.

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