Fix/Restore Soft-Bricked Pine


If you’re stuck in a boot-loop, you’re in luck, because there’s a way to Factory reset and recover your Pine.

  1. Download the factory ROM zip to your PC from here: 
  2. Enter Recovery Mode on your Pine.
    1. Do this by turning off your Pine completely, hold down VOL+, VOL-, AND POWER TOGETHER.
    2. Wait until the “Neptune” logo appears then immediately let go. This should bring you to the Recovery menu.
  3. Using Vol+ and Vol- you can navigate this menu. Navigate down to MOUNT & STORAGE. Press Power to select it.
  4. Arrow down to “Toggle USB Mass Storage”, press POWER. Stay on this screen.
  5. Plug in your Pine to your PC. WAIT for the drivers to install. You should then be able to access the storage on the Pine. COPY to Download folder on the Pine.
  6. Navigate up to ../, Press Power. Navigate to Apply Update from External, and navigate and select the Download folder, and select
  7. Your Pine should restore back to Factory fresh in a few moments.
  8. Restart your Pine.
  9. Done!