Fixes and Mods

8 thoughts on “Fixes and Mods

  1. Joe Miller says:

    Possible bug. When deleting messages I tried to long press messages I highlight them hit the trash can and it will force close it does that also when cancelling the operation as well. The only way I can delete messages is to go into each individual message hit menu and delete threads. Anyone else having that problem?

    • neptune ninja says:

      Most have installed alternate messaging, contacts, and dialers due to weird issues in the stock versions. Ill put some up, thanks for the tip.

  2. Joe Miller says:

    Replacement clock. I had a problem with the home screen clock being off and wanted a different clock. I used an app called Make Your Clock. I downloaded some templates to a tablet then transfered to the Pine. I decided to make a minimalist text clock that will say for example

    oh five

    The editor will not run on the Pine but with trial and error on my tablet I made one that was centered I adjusted the widget size from 4 x 2 to 4 x 3 and it kept the format I used. I also assigned the widget on tapping it to open the alarm clock. Hope this helps.

  3. Joe Miller says:

    A lot of the widgets had issues with the Pine that’s why I used that app. I used it with my old Dell Streak Mini 5. I do some development i.e. KitKat on the Note 1 ICS on the Dell Streak 5 and would be happy to assist you guys getting KitKat on the Pine, I am going to open a discussion on XDA for the Pine.

  4. Bester says:

    After shut down the pine and restart, some system settings are set back to default. E.g. the standard keyboard or security app is disabled?!

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