Fix Google Contact and Calendar Sync

If you’ve done the non-PC method of Rooting and Installing Play Store, you’ll notice your Google Contacts/Calendar are not syncing. This is how you fix that issue.

  1. Download Contact and Calendar Sync APK’s to your Pine. Contact Sync & Calendar Sync
    1. Do NOT install the APK’s.
  2. Download and install Root Explorer from the Play Store: ROOT BROWSER
  3. Open Root Browser. Allow it to download the tools from the prompt.
  4. Navigate to sdcard > Download
  5. Locate Contactsyncadapter and calendarsyncadapter: ic_launcher_contactscalendar-icon-hi
  6. Hold down on the Contact one until you get a pop up. Select MOVE. This will give you a Paste/Cancel button pop up. Do not touch these yet.
  7. Click on the little “House” icon in the top left-hand corner.
  8. Scroll down to System from the top half of the window, select it. Then scroll down to App. Select it.
  9. Press Paste. When the Superuser popup appears, select GRANT.
  10. Repeat the above for the Calendar APK.
  11.  Reboot and then go into SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > GOOGLE > YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS > and make sure both contacts and calendar are checked to Sync.
  12.  Now your Pine should be syncing both Contacts and Calendar from Google.

10 thoughts on “Fix Google Contact and Calendar Sync

  1. Sean McNeill says:

    I have a Calendar-related issue and perhaps you could help me. I rooted my Pine and was seeking to delete the system-embedded calendar app in favour of my downloaded Google Calendar. No particular reason, other than wanting to maximize my storage space for useful apps. It would seem that, in my haste, I deleted more than just the system calendar apk. There were three apk’s that I deleted. I have since reinstalled the calendar sync as you directed, but Calendar is still not showing in the list of sync apps under Settings > Accounts > Google. Further, the Calender app crashes once opened, and Google sync subsequently reports an error syncing. Would it be possible for you to post downloadable links for the three apk’s found under System > Apps, listed alphabetically under ‘c’ for ‘calendar’? Hopefully that solves my calendar problem, and from now on I will know to backup my system apk’s elsewhere before deleting them!

    Thanks for your great posts and support for the tiny Pine community. I know the Pine is taking a lot of flak from reviewers on the interwebs, but I truly LOVE the fun of this device! It has been years since I took the time to tinker with a gadget, and this one is easy for “beginners” like me. And for those who have gone the extra mile of putting a data-enabled SIM in this device, as I have, it is incredible to have the power of the web sitting on my wrist (and hopefully on my hip when I get my Pine bumper).

    Thanks again!
    Sean McNeill
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  2. Gary says:

    I’m back! Seth I am trying to do the contact, calendar thing and I downloaded Root Browser like it says but I cannot find it to open it. It did not give me a choice to open it in play store like it usually does after a download I have downloaded contact sync and calendar but have not installed them. The only thing different is I have the google settings app in my apps.

  3. Gary says:

    If you had been watching what I have been doing, you would probably give me a gold star. I did the contact calendar thing and it do not go right but I manage to get it done. My contacts and calendar synced. The only thing I am concerned with is after booting I went to SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > GOOGLE > YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS > these three thing were in there and checked App Data, Contacts, and People Details no Calendar but it did sync.

  4. Jens says:

    This method did not work for me. What did work though was simply installing both services by clicking on them.

  5. Kathleen says:


    Thanks again for another really useful guide.

    Your instructions are so clear.

    Now I have syncing of both contacts and calendar

    Thanks a lot

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