9 thoughts on “How to Root using FramaRoot on the Pine.

  1. Slava says:

    Hi there,

    everything worked fine for me.

    But every time i try to open Display settings – its says unfortunately settings has stopped.

    Any clue?


  2. Robert says:

    How do I display the data folders on the pine…Download, Music, etc.? If I connect Pine to my PC I cand see the folders and copy stuff to them. I have a ‘Downloads; folder on Pine that apparantly has files I download directly to Pine.

    Is there a full user manual? All I have is a quick start guide.


  3. Hi, Pine arrived yesterday and i’ve found this resource most useful so thanks for that.

    I downloaded google play via this method (although it pretty much downloaded as is without any warnings as shown in the video.
    All day yesterday I was able to load and view apps in the store but today constantly the app attempts to load then immediately falls over with “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped” once i was attempting to download an app.
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the play store app but it only tried to work 1 more time before getting the same message.
    Any ideas before I try connecting it to my PC and installing it that way instead (using the other method I read on here!)?

    • neptune ninja says:

      You missed a step somewhere. No, you cant just download it, there is a guide on here for loading google play without a PC.

  4. Hmm odd that. Got it working fine then stops.
    Just did the sideloader method using PC and total success. Great method and it seems to install other useful things as well. Thx 🙂

  5. Ili Amiet says:

    Hello guys, I follow everything, install was successful but, when I open play store doesn’t show any games; is just a white screen on the top shows play store and the search. How can I fix this problem?

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