Install the Stock Camera app from KitKat 4.4.2

The camera app that comes with the Pine can be difficult to use, the icons are small and unwieldy.

The stock camera app from Android 4.4.2 is much better, rear and front camera work fine, and you swipe up once/twice to get to the settings:



Installing it couldn’t be easier!

1. Download F-Droid app market to your Pine, and install.

2. Search for “Stock Camera” on F-Droid. Click on the + to install it.


3. Done! Now you have the KitKat Camera.



Custom Recovery (TWRP) now available for the Pine


I recently contacted Omate TS developer Monx recently to help further the Pine and see what he could do development-wise with the Pine.

He has helped us so far by developing a version of TWRP for the Pine. This is the first crucial step in getting custom ROM’s developed for the Pine! Great work Monx!

Please consider donating to Monx’s current and future ROM efforts here: x-click-but21