Solution for Pine headphone jack issue


Pine users have reported that some headsets and headphones (headset is considered a headphone with a microphone) don’t behave properly with their Pine. The Pine isn’t alone in this, as even Sony has had headsets that have the same issue.

There’s two headset standards, OMTP and CTIA. What I believe is happening is the pine uses OMTP, while the more recent standard is CTIA. Plugging a CTIA headset into a OMTP port will usually result in strange behavior (Like Google Now starting), or just not working at all.

The resolution is fairly simple, just have to use an adapter. Basically the converter will flip the GROUND and MIC poles on a 4-pole(3 black band) headset, so if the Pine is CTIA it should make your OMTP headset work, and vice versa… Like these below:

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      • Alfredo says:

        The gps doesn’t work checked settings everything is on. Google maps. Sygic and all the other map apps don’t work it just stayed finding your location and nothing. I already downloaded several gps fix applications and none work. What can I do??

  1. Alfredo says:

    I just found the SWApp Link on the Google playvstore I installed it on my phone and on the neptune and it works great. Makes my pine work like a smartwatch without rooting.
    Try it it’s great

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