8 thoughts on “How-To: Insert a SIM Card

  1. JR says:

    Been using mine for 4 days and the mobile network will randomly become unavailable, like when you install the SIM but don’t reboot. The only solution to get it operable again is to reboot. Has anyone been having this issue? ATT Sim.

    • nick says:

      I’m using a T-Mobile Sim and can’t get it to recognize the Sim. Been trying for about 12 hours. Any thoughts┬┐

      • JR says:

        I can only get mine to recognize my SIM after inserting the SIM and rebooting. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure. Kind of kills the product for me since I can’t use it as it was intended. Hoping an update or something comes out soon.

    • nick says:

      Still can’t get it to read the Sim. T-Mobile says phone slot won’t work after trying a few working Sims. Powering off and rebooting included

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