4 thoughts on “Fix Contact sync

  1. Carlos Fehr says:

    hi done the installation like you said but conntacts still not working. i also tryed to install the apk conntacts file after from the system carpet. still no succsess

    • neptune ninja says:

      Must have done something wrong, you’ll see others have done it and it’s working for them. Do you mean your google contacts aren’t syncing or ..?

  2. iTallo says:


    I nee d your help….

    I tried installing the Calendar APP directly to my pine, but I keep being directed to a site http://mega.co.nz that asks me about , whether I have Mega App Installed or not and no matter how I answer the question , I end up to a webpage that is not available.

    • neptune ninja says:

      Install Mega from Play Store, or download contact and calendar from your computer and copy them over, then complete the rest of the instructions.

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