Clear Battery Stats


Calibrating a smartphone battery doesn’t technically make it last longer. What it might do is ensure that the battery level display is more accurate, so that when it says it’s at zero, it’s actually at zero.

I noticed that when I first got the Pine, the battery % behaved strangely (sudden sharp dip in consumption, even though activity hadn’t changed on the device, charging jumped from 15% to 40% in a matter of minutes, etc..)

Is the battery on your Pine behaving funky, or maybe you don’t want to go through days of multiple charge/discharges before the battery stats settle in? Try this:

You must have rooted your Pine.

  1. Download Root Explorer. Install.
  2. Charge the Pine to 100%.
  3. In Root Explorer, navigate to /data/system.
  4. Delete batterystats.bin
  5. Unplug and let the Pine fully discharge.
  6. Charge the Pine to 100% “offline”.
    1. Do this by shutting down your Pine, and plugging it in.
  7. Once to 100%, unplug, power-on, enjoy. 🙂