AT&T HSPA+(4G) Speed test on Neptune Pine

The Neptune Pine supports HSPA+, which is often referred to as “4G” or “FauxG”. It’s not LTE, but on AT&T, T-Mobile, and others it can often be quite fast.

Below is a screengrab from a new Pine user’s Speedtest on AT&T.

5.5mbps down! That’s just as fast as some people’s DSL or Cable internet.

Credit to Abe for the photo



Android 4.4 KitKat and Neptune Pine?

This question gets asked on a regular basis, “Will the Neptune Pine get Android 4.4?”

Here’s what we know-

BUT- there is hope. Here’s some details that make a Custom ROM based on 4.3/4.4 very possible:

  • The Galaxy S3 for Sprint has been upgraded to 4.4. This is GOOD NEWS, because it uses a similar Adreno Graphics chip as the Neptune Pine. That means, that it could be possible to port the Graphics libs/libraries from the Sprint S3 to a ROM for the Pine. The biggest issue with ports for 4.4 are Graphics Acceleration support, so this could help in that area.
  • The Huawei Y300 Smartphone uses the same MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 Play processor as the Neptune Pine. Some developers have already created a SlimRom based on 4.4 for this phone, MEANING- if it works well for the Y300, then it could possibly work well for the Neptune Pine.

So, that’s what we know. Basically boils down to the Neptune Pine getting into some ROM and Kernel developers’ hands to do the heavy lifting.

Great news!



Bedwa, a recognized XDA kernel dev, has already started understanding the Neptune Pines’ recovery partition. So far, he’s found that it may be possible to just Flash Gapps directly (google apps, playstore, services), WITHOUT requiring root or custom recovery!

He is currently trying to capture a system image/dump, more news as we hear it…