GAPPS sideload

New method available to install Google Play and Services without requiring rooting or flashing.

This should work, provided your PC/Windows has connected to your Neptune Pine and installed the drivers. Pine not connecting via your PC? Try this first


  1. Download to your PC:
  2. Unzip
  3. Connect your Pine in “Connect to PC” usb mode.
  4. Double-Click on Gapps-Sideloader.bat
  5. Enjoy. Reboot option suggested. If you don’t, you will have to reboot manually.


16 thoughts on “GAPPS sideload

    • neptune ninja says:

      It’s possible on macs. Takes some understanding of Terminal on the Mac. The main problem is most/many Android users are also PC users.

    • neptune ninja says:

      Yeah, its a very odd thing. There is a post on here about forcing googles adb drivers, might want to give that a shot. Some people have reported success when you switch to Mass Storage mode instead of Connect to PC..

  1. ned says:

    It was worth a try. I tried “Mass Storage mode” and windows did find drivers for the neptune but the rooting windows application did not find it.

  2. John Allen says:

    Doing this on a Mac or Linux box would be fairly straight forward. Just modify the GApps-Sideloader.bat file to be bash friendly and use the appropriate version of adb for your OS. Easier yet, open the bat file and run each command from the terminal individually. I can confirm it works on both OS X and Linux (Ubuntu).

  3. Birch says:

    Here is a bash script that does pretty much the same thing as the batch script. It assumes dab is on your path, but other than that, should run on both Mac and Linux.

    echo “Remounting system.”
    adb remount
    echo “Pushing Gapps to system.”
    sleep 2
    adb push ./system/app /system/app
    sleep 2
    echo “Fixing permissions.”
    sleep 2
    adb shell chmod -R 0644 /system/app/*.*

    echo “Rebooting…”
    sleep 2
    adb reboot
    echo “Thank you for using Gapps Sideloader for Neptune Pine.”

  4. Paul says:

    Pine not connecting via your PC? Try this first, the link directs to a could not find page, do you have a correct link?

  5. kumar says:

    how to put moto 360 and other watch faces on neptune pine home screen.. i have used uccw to use analog clock widgets on home screen.. but how to get facer app watch face on neptune pine.. thank u

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