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If you have trouble with any of the guides here (located in the menu’s up in the top right hand corner of the site), the guides are “known working” and have worked for countless Pine users. So if it’s not working for you, either a step was skipped or there’s possibly something wrong with your computer setup. I would encourage you to re-read the steps, and make sure nothing was skipped. As Apple would say, “You’re holding it wrong.” 🙂

If you still need assistance beyond what the guides on this site, or Official Neptune Customer Support can provide- the next best place to ask for help is on the Facebook Neptune Pine user group: Neptune Pine Chat. There is a large community of Pine power users there, always willing to help.


Neptune Ninja.

Install the Stock Camera app from KitKat 4.4.2

The camera app that comes with the Pine can be difficult to use, the icons are small and unwieldy.

The stock camera app from Android 4.4.2 is much better, rear and front camera work fine, and you swipe up once/twice to get to the settings:



Installing it couldn’t be easier!

1. Download F-Droid app market to your Pine, and install.

2. Search for “Stock Camera” on F-Droid. Click on the + to install it.


3. Done! Now you have the KitKat Camera.



Custom Recovery (TWRP) now available for the Pine


I recently contacted Omate TS developer Monx recently to help further the Pine and see what he could do development-wise with the Pine.

He has helped us so far by developing a version of TWRP for the Pine. This is the first crucial step in getting custom ROM’s developed for the Pine! Great work Monx!

Please consider donating to Monx’s current and future ROM efforts here: x-click-but21

Increase Battery Life (Possibly)


When I first got the Pine, I noticed in Battery Stats that there was a “Test Tools” process that would often consume a large percentage of battery.  After a few charging/discharge cycles, my battery life got dramatically better, and sometimes Test Tools wouldn’t even be in the battery stats. BUT, it would come back sometimes.


Charlie Dryer said he had deleted his Test Tools from his Pine, with a dramatic battery life increase. I decided to do the same, and here’s how you do it!

Requires Root/Superuser. This shouldn’t affect your Pine negatively, but do so at your own risk. At the bottom of the post is the APK you’ll be deleting, if you want to put it back.

  1. Download / Install Root Browser from Play Store.
  2. Open Root Browser.
  3. Scroll down until you find “system” folder. Select it.
  4. Find “app” folder inside system folder. Select it.
  5. Scroll down until you find “TOOLS.APK“.
  6. Press and hold on TOOLS.APK until you get a pop-up that includes Delete.
  7. Select Delete. If Root Browser asks for SuperUser privileges, select GRANT.
  8. Reboot Pine, and Test Tools will no longer be trying to run on your Pine.


Here’s the backup of tools.apk, in case anyone wants it.